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What kind of Father’s Day t-shirt bundle design can attract your customers in this big retail shopping season? 

Father’s Day is a holiday to honor fathers whose paternity and their influence in society. It is also a celebration of family bonding as well as the pride of fathers in the community. Many countries convention on the third Sunday of June every year, including the US, UK, France, Canada, … Especially in the US and UK, an average of 75% of men plan to celebrate this day.

In 2021, Father’s Day will fall on June 20. In addition to the US market, going to the European market is also predicted to be of no less potential.

Father’s Day holiday spending market size

American spending trends for Father’s Day have been increasing dramatically in recent years. Specifically, according to a report by the US Retail Federation NRF, total shopping spending for Father’s Day reached $17 billion in 2020, and the average expected spending is $148.58 / person. Happily, clothing is the second highest-grossing gift item on occasion, with 46% of customers planning to buy something for their father.

About 70 million fathers in the US, 3 out of 4 Americans plan to celebrate Father’s Day. The trend of online shopping for this day has also increased rapidly in recent years, and it is an indispensable opportunity for you to make a big sale.

Potential goods

According to Google Keyword Analytic, the personalized item is the most popular gift trend currently, which is not surprising that Personalized Mug is the product having the highest search volume, followed by t-shirts, canvas, blanket products, etc. 

Potential customers

Following NRF’s newest survey, all of the respondents’ answers to buy the gifts on this occasion are for father and stepfather. The husbands are second on the list to receive the most on this occasion, followed by gifts for brothers, boys, friends, etc. 

It is incredible to keep in mind that NRF expecting men’s purchases are higher than women’s (77% and 73%). Female customers shopping for this day are mainly women having the intention to spend on gifts for father, stepfather, and husband. Potential target audiences will be wives, sons, and daughters.

Father’s Day’s target audience is often broad so that we need to segment it into groups and exploit each customer segment easily. For more detail, the potential target audiences are the 18-24 aged group and the 35-44 aged group. 

  • The gift-giver is the male, the majority.
  • 55% of the gifts on this occasion are given mainly to Father and Stepfather. 48% of women will buy meaningful gifts for their husbands first, following next to grandfathers, brothers, friends to show their affection and respect for their contributions to the family.

Happy Father’s Day t-shirt design ideas

Here are some potential ideas you could use for this big retail season: 

  • Dad and baby matching outfits

Father & child matching shirts are an indispensable trend for this day. Check out Buy Tee Designs’ father’s day t-shirt designs bundle below! We have a punch of bundles: fathers day shirts for baby t-shirt designs, fathers day shirts for dad and son or daughter t-shirt designs. Besides, we are ready with a few ideas for personalized fathers day shirt designs for your unique designs. If you want to hear, DM us!

  • Dads-to-be and New dads 

For people who are about to be fathers, Father’s Day’s first day always has a special meaning. You can take advantage of quotes as “Soon to be”, “First time”, “Gonna be”, etc. The dad designs combine with vectors such as baby feet, baby toys, and more to create cute and meaningful t-shirts for your audience.

  • Pride (Occupation, Hobby)

Like Mom is often associated with hobbies and jobs to target specific audiences. The designs of Father’s Day will focus on praising the pride and respect from the giver for the work and interests of his father and partner.

One of the campaign’s two target audiences is adult children. So you can refer to ideas showing pride of father as: “Proud dad of two awesome sons”, “My dad is awesome”, “Awesome papa”, or you can combine with children’s career (nurse, engineer, etc) as “I’m a proud dad of a freaking awesome nurse.” Those meaningful father shirts from daughter or son’s gifts will make high revenue in this season.    

  • Patriotic dads

This year, Father’s Day is June 16, and just over half a month after that is US National Day, July 4. So you can combine the idea of ​​these two dates to increase revenue from shoppers on Independence Day. Some keywords about warriors, the military for you to refer to “Veteran Dad” (veteran), “Military Dad” (army), and “Proud Navy Dad” (navy), which will attract a large number of customers when they want to shop for both holidays. 

  • Combined with blockbuster film trends

Avengers is probably the most anticipated movie this April. So a series of film-based designs also climbed non-stop on the charts. There are also a series of famous names such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, etc. However, because there are too many Trademarks, we do not encourage these ideas, but if the big man wants to cover the market, then do not miss this prey!

  • Dad Jokes

Humor and fun always bring positive energy to many people. The designs on this model often include funny pictures describing the funny things about Father as sports-fanatics (a father who loves sports, sports games). Grillmaster (grill master, bbq chef of the family), beer drinker (like to drink beer). Or you can refer to This is my dad t-shirt meme.


Besides, there are also many other great ideas waiting for you to create to launch out your campaign on this Father’s Day. You can also search for more hot hit Dad t-shirt design bundles from last season right here.

Buy Tee Designs provide you Father’s Day t-shirt designs bundle with 50 png and 50 PSD files. You can easily use them for POD sites like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, Teespring,… or printing at Printify, Printful, Custom. Not only funny but also having vintage carpenter t-shirts designs. To buy t-shirt designs for commercial use, we wish you soon find quality samples, strong vitality, loud sale with a good season for customized t-shirts for father’s day. 

Do not forget to buy t-shirts designs bundle at Buy Tee Designs to always receive the editable t-shirt designs bundle with t-shirt mockup vector free. If you have any ideas with this niche, please share them with us, Buy Tee Designs will support your business right away!

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