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Do not miss out on a lucrative opportunity at global markets trying this Father Day t-shirt designs bundle now!

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 20 June 2021, which means a big seasonal selling event will come up for E-commerce businesses, especially for t-shirt business online in the USA. Since the social movement, Father’s day became the big retail holiday, bringing in nearly $16 billion in revenue in 2019, and expected to increase to 17 billion in 2020, which is a good sign related to consumers’ willingness to spend more, following NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. 

So what are the opportunities for t-shirt sellers in 2021? 

Conducting on May 1-8 with 8,209 U.S. adults 18 and older, this article will help t-shirt sellers dig deeper into the data to learn more about this celebration for inspiration to get you started brainstorming those dad-themed designs and get in the action.

During the pandemic, the result was incredible which 75% of consumers still planned to honor Father day. Overall, NRF expected that total consumer spending could reach $17 billion in 2020, up from last year about $15.96 billion, a good scalability niche for the Print on Demand business. 

father's day t-shirt design

Especially, Clothings was placed 3rd in the Top gift categories, with an average of 46% of Americans planning on buying clothing for their fathers in 2020, and the total expected spending on clothing accounted for $2.58 billion (2nd place), estimated to spend more in the continuous years. 

The trend of online shopping for this day has also increased rapidly in this pandemic years obviously, and It is one of a kind opportunity for t-shirt sellers to make a big sale. 

Who is willing to buy customized t-shirts for Father Day?

The survey found both men and female shoppers will opt for a gift of clothing equally. Needless to say that nearly half of the consumers are wives planning to buy gifts for their beloved one (45%), significantly higher than buying for other audiences as fathers, brothers, other relatives, and friends.

The biggest drivers of Father’s Day spending were growth in spending by consumers ages 18 – 24, and 65% of them spending on clothing, the most willing group. Moreover, they planned to spend the third-highest at an average of $178.53 billion.

The highest consumer spending aged group was 35-44 years old. They planned to spend an average of about $209.75 billion, and 58% of them also willing to choose articles of clothing, another potential target audience for the Fathers Day shirts niche. 

Lastly, the highest group purchasing clothing was the 25 – 34 aged group (given by 58% of consumers from 25 to 34 years old), which age group also had consumers planning to spend $202.57 billion on purchase gifts on Father Day. 

These talking numbers explain why Father’s Day has so much commercial significance not only for POD businesses in particular but for the economy in general. 

How do Americans plan to celebrate dad on his special day? 

Have you caught up yet? So then, have you had any strategies for your t-shirt campaigns? Continuously with us, cause Buy Tee Designs to have some marketing insights and inspiration to get you started to sell t-shirts online!

Overall, there are two types of customers purchasing goods for Father’s Day: Customers’ intention to buy a product as a gift and to buy a product for themselves. In this part, Buy Tee Designs will give you some secret tips in this industry to help you meet the needs of both types of customers and make all of your customers have a meaningful Father’s Day season.

When searching for the perfect gift, 41% of consumers will find a gift that is unique or different, 36% for a gift creating special memory, 26% for a convenience gift, 18% for a most cost-effective gift, and 11% likely to have other ways to celebrate, following NRF survey. 

So which criteria our target audiences would concern most when picking out a Father Day gift? Following the survey, Americans highly voted for a unique gift and a gift creating special memories, chosen the most by Gen Z, while Millennials preferred a convenient one. Besides, 45% of consumers in the 35-44 aged group were looking to retailers for Father’s Day gift inspiration.

With customers who buy POD products for their use, It is clear that they often prefer designs that show the pride of fatherhood. So, to make your products catch the eye of these audiences, make them more unique and meaningful by personalizing their designs with each target audience.

In conclusion, Print on Demand t-shirts have many advantages over traditional gift products when they help gift-givers express their hearts towards gift recipients through designs on the products. Besides, when purchasing personalized products, customers can customized t-shirts for Father’s Day, change their names, birth dates, anniversaries, product photos, etc, on the design, which increases the value and meaning of the product for themselves.

So your t-shirt designs must have these factors if you want to make a best selling t-shirt campaign in this season: 

  1. Separate into micro-niches to understand customers deeply to get personalized t-shirt ideas more unique and special.
  2. A meaningful t-shirt saying will make a special memory. 
  3. Always catch up with viral t-shirt sayings.

With more than five years of experience in the POD E-commerce retail, Buy Tee Designs will show you Father’s Day t-shirt design trends for these two groups of customers’ intentions recently. Please refer to our analysis in the Father’s Day t-shirt designs bundle (chèn link) here for more detail! 

Now, if your Father’s Day shirt designs are already for the campaign, Buy Tee Designs will show you how to optimize online store sales efficiency during Father’s Day. 

Change the theme for the store.

You can change your store display to make it more lively for Father’s Day, by changing the slideshow image, changing the colors of elements on the page as the notification bar on the store homepage. In particular, you should prioritize displaying Father’s Day t-shirts collections right on the home page so that customers do not waste time for too long searching in the store.

Optimize store revenue with cross-selling and upsell features.

To encourage customers to buy multiple items per order, you can slickly suggest other products suitable for Father’s Day use for customers to add to their shopping cart by upselling or cross-sell. If a customer buys an order worth 40 USD, you should introduce other related products to add to the cart to increase the value of the customer’s shopping cart up to 100 USD or even more. It is a great tip to increase store sales directly.

Generally, all the E-commerce Print on Demand platforms, selling t-shirts online platforms allow sellers to use many different forms of cross-selling on the page as:

  • Quantity discounts (offering promotions for customers to buy more of the same item, the more discounts)
  • Product Bundle (offering promotions for customers to purchase recommended products at the same time to get a lot of markdowns)
  • Product widgets (suggest product recommendations suitable for the product customers are viewing)

Also, to cross-sell, you can consider using upsells to increase the value of an order with three types of upselling forms:

  • The Pre-purchase feature allows selling products related to the main product that the customer chooses, the items suggested after the customer presses the Add to cart button.
  • The In-cart one recommends selected products when the customer is on the shopping cart page.
  • After-purchase: By optimizing the thank-you page, Post-purchase upsell offers help you sell more products to customers who have just completed their order in the store.

Note: You can flexibly combine many upselling and cross-selling options for your store reasonably, but should not be too abusive to confuse customers.

Create discount codes, promotions to encourage customers to shop more at the store

You might consider creating big discount codes to attract customers as soon as they visit the page (unlike the upsell, cross-sell feature above, the customer only sees the promotion when accessing the product page).

In summary, we have seen the rapid growth in Father’s Day Spending, make it one of the biggest holidays of the summer. Many consumers go shopping already just after Mother’s Day is over, so It is essential to start working on your campaigns right away in advance to capitalize on E-commerce sales. 

Moreover, we want to emphasize that a unique gift for Father’s Day, the meaningful t-shirts for whom wearing them will make a special memory for them, which will help customers stand out. To win the customer’s heart successfully, you need to keep your customers in mind when choosing t-shirt designs. 

To buy t-shirt designs for commercial use, Buy Tee Designs have more than 1000 father’s day shirt designs, dad t-shirt designs. You can reference our Father’s Day t-shirt designs bundle here!

To hire designer t-shirt, we also have special services for business owners to build their brand by putting their handiwork designs in the following items: t-shirts, hoodies, and other personalized products, especially for those who need a large number of unique designs or 1 to 2 odd. Please check our design service here for more detail!

Keep your sales sizzling this season with an awesome campaign and impressive marketing plan for your customer. Let’s find out your potential target audience and make a plan right away! Remember to consider finding the best vector t-shirt designs at Buy Tee Designs!  

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