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This bundle contains 67 100% Editable of the best t-shirt vector designs Top Trending Best Selling  in png format for Quick Simple Clean Uploading that are perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs Mouse Pads, Face Masks,Pillows, Travel Mugs, Flasks, Backpacks Hoodies,Hats,  All Over Prints…

Remember time is money, Add this pack to your automation list and earn back your investment in no time. These have proven to be top sellers on POD websites.

With complete size of 4500×5500 Px for most images you can adapt the image to almost any platform size.  

67 pre-made t-shirt designs  you can use them commercially in printed format on POD platforms like Shopify, BigCartel,  Red Bubble , Etsy, Printify, Printful, Teespring, Threadless, DesignByHumans, Teechip, Zazzle, Amazon Merch, or any other POD platforms…
Once you buy you own the design 100% there will never be a copyright or IP issue from me.
You dont need to contact me asking for licenses, once you buy you are 100% responsible for what ever you want to do with the designs you bought that are now 100% yours  use them anywhere  and wherever you want.
67 of high-quality Illustrations best for t-shirt designs, poster designs etc, optimized for screen printing and digital printing.

For limited time you can grab it for only $24.99   saving you $170  Make wise decision to get it now , before its too late !

Want to see the full inventory of all shirt designs check out my page
I am a very humble person. if you cant afford 24.00 dollars. (for more than 239 hours of work)  let me know what you can afford and il change the price temporarily  so you can download at the lower price.  Thank you your  contributions help in more ways than you know
(Mock Ups not included and cannot be used by anyone for any reason)
(Any fonts needed can be downloaded for free off any search engine just look up  font name given by AI or PS)
(Any Affiliate marketers want to contact me to suggest better optimizations let me know im open to advice)

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