Buying t-shirt designs for commercial use is the great choice for shop owner or individual wan to join POD industry and printing service. Welcome to BUYTEEDESIGNS, we are here to help you guys have a perfect business plan, achieving high business revenue by correctly pointing out top profitable Evergreen niches that a t-shirt seller must know!

Simply, the niche market is understood as a smaller market in a large market in which the product is focused on a particular customer segment. With the t-shirt business, a t-shirt niche is a product category for segment consumers that you already targeted. For example, if you want to sell t-shirts for customers who love dogs, your t-shirt niche needs are dog tee designs. Choosing the right niche is the most important thing to do of a t-shirt seller. 

But firstly, all new shop owner need to know that there are two types of niches: Firstly, trending niches are the trends of what are happening from culture, art, politics, sports, or whatever is attracting the attention of people which can be the new idea content for t-shirt designs for sale updated constantly that can reach a high sale in a short time. Secondly, the Evergreen niches are more stable for a long time. These niches’ demand is persistent with basic t-shirt designs for sale all months out of the year so that you can make stable revenue and income in the long-term. This article will cover all the popular Evergreen niches.


The birthday niche

As you can see, the birthday t-shirt designs are the most popular niche in the t-shirt designs for sale industry. Everyone has a birthday so that a shirt designed uniquely for their birthdays as a gift will be commonly chosen on this special occasion. The t-shirt design bundle for birthdays can be classified into the theme about the ages, years of birth and theme about the months of birth. Besides that, the birthday t-shirt designs are scalable as targeting the mass number of audiences differently as the infant, minor, teenager, and adult. This is one of the largest and most profitable niche markets over the years, which is highly recommended for all beginners to buy t-shirt designs for commercial use.

Dog / Cat and other animals niche:  
In general, theme designs about dogs, cats and other animals are very popular, principally in European and American markets. Each year, Americans and Europeans spend large amounts of money on article goods, clothing, and household items having pet motifs such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, aprons, stickers, mattress sets, etc. Buying t-shirt designs about pet themes has never been obsolete with those who are addicted to dogs and cats, because it shows their affection to the pet. Besides the pet t-shirt design bundle, there are cute animals that bring many interesting things as well as symbols that are used in many tee shirt designs for sale as sloths, llama and bears.

Job niche
Loving show the personality and freedom, having shirts to express their work is what they like most because it shows the pride of their career. Doing business in this niche is all about understanding employees’ representative personality with each job in the socials to give out t-shirt designs to represent their pride, passion and love for jobs. Designs related to this niche often refer to their specific skills or funny quotes that only industry insiders can use. The popular t-shirt niche for jobs are Nurse, Account, Firefighter, Teacher, Welder, Engineer, Mechanic, Veteran, etc.

Hobby niche

This is a wide niche and there are many variations and combinations with the theme mentioned above. For example, it can be hobbies about jobs, birthdays, classic or trending movies, sports, outdoor activities, Indoor activities and other personal hobbies like beer, wine, coffee, bake cookies, etc. As you can see, the t-shirt design bundle regarding hobbies widens every theme to adapt with customer needs. A t-shirt design relating to a lot of themes targets all the segments, which will help those who buy t-shirt designs for commercial use can save an amount of money.

Personality niche
T-shirt niche is closely related to individuals mentioned as LGBT proud, Autism or Cancer and other illnesses, or beliefs like God, Christ. These niches express personal pride as well as raise public awareness. So that customers tend to buy tee shirt designs because they like to express individual ego as showing a unique difference in the personal brand to society.

Funny quote
People love humor so the tee shirt designs for sale with meaningful citation designs are always popular not only for fun but also to show the character of the people who wear these shirts. Besides the famous funny saying before, this niche can also be classified as a trending instead of evergreen. These funny quotes can be combined with Job and hobby to create new and more attractive designs for shoppers.

Family niche
T-shirt design bundles about the family theme are indispensable in the t-shirt business, one of the evergreen t-shirt niches has great potential. Cohesion in the family can be expressed through this t-shirt niche as a precious t-shirt designed for parents, grandparents, brother, sister et al on birthdays, or anniversaries such as Valentine, Wedding Anniversary, etc. Also, this niche can combine with all the before-mentioned niches to create unique and personalized t-shirts.

To summary, the Evergreen niche is like a legend. If you have the most satisfying t-shirt designs with customer needs, you will have great opportunities. So that investing in the evergreen market may not bring back the effect immediately. However, if quality designs are already loved by customers, that will be a stable source of income. So the reason why we are here is to help you explore the evergreen niche for your business. The next article will study about the trending niches that all entrepreneurs must know.

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